The 1920's Stock Market Game for Your Phone.

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The stock market game to learn to trade and invest

Help Mrs. Mueller and her friends lead better lives by investing their money in the crazy 1920s stock market.

  • Buy and sell stocks with your little traders

  • React to news delivered by the newspaper boy

  • Trade realistic stock prices thanks to the Little Traders algorithm

  • Unlock new floors with authentic 1920s graphics

  • Hire more traders

  • Explore new stocks

  • Beat your friends’ high scores

  • Challenge your friends in the new battle mode to a 5 minute match to determine who trades best for Mrs Mueller

  • No real money needed, no real risk involved

Join the App Store’s most fun way to learn about the stock market

Little Traders is a thrilling stock market game that allows you to learn useful trading and investing skills without risking your own money:

  • Inspired by the experience and knowledge from more than 2 million financial market students and professional instructors from tradimo.com, your award-winning, interactive online learning platform for trading, investing and personal finance.

  • Winner of the “Most Innovative Product” and “Best Mobile FinTech Solution” Award.

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