The world of Little Traders: Life in the 1920s

My father’s generation was the one that really saw the most amazing changes. He was born in 1900 in a world in which the horse was the main means of getting about. The car seemed to me more revolutionary in a way than anything that has happened since. It totally changed the kind of space we live in.
— John Updike, author

Inventions of the 1920s: An amazing new world is born

It may be difficult for us to comprehend what it must have felt like to live in the 1920s. We seem to have seen it all and few things truly surprise us in our modern age. However, imagine a world in which none of the following things have had a real breakthrough yet:

  • Cars
  • Electricity
  • Radio
  • Skyscrapers
  • Underwater tunnels
  • Advertisement
  • Voting rights for women

All of these became widely available in the 1920s and have radically changed the way people felt and lived. See for yourself in this documentary by the American Broadcasting Company:

Little Traders and the 1920s

In Little Traders, the 1920s come alive in the extravagant office style, the characters (just look at the newspaper boy's pretty little hat) and also the returns the little clients expect on their investments...

Trading Brokerage in the 1920s