Partner and advertise

Little Traders is an innovative, award-winning mobile game that provides financial market literacy to a target audience which is hardly receptive to traditional advertisement: 

  • Millenials distrusting adverts
  • Casual gamers looking for a new challenge
  • Commuters looking for a useful and fun thing to do

We believe that players who have fallen in love with the stock market through the game will be open to genuine offers for new traders and investors presented in the game.

How you can become part of Little Traders

Eligible players can receive offers from advertisers in an integrated way:

  1. You define a mission for the player, e.g. opening an account with your service in order to receive a special bonus from you, e.g. a number of free trades depending on the player's high score in the game.
  2. The player accepts the mission.
  3. The player's browser opens and brings him to the advertiser's website.
  4. Upon completion of the mission, the player receives an additional in-game reward.

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